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  • Krypton Bikes has wide range of Bikes in stock at any one time.you name it and you get it. e-Bikes, Fat bikes , Kids Bikes, MTB to Road Bikes and much more. One destination for all – toddlers to Youth and Adults.
  • Krypton Bikes adds Value for your money with High-class technology, consistent quality and effective after-sales service which makes a perfect proposition.
  • At krypton we stock vehicles to suit all price brackets. Due to our buying power you will gain access to bicycles at the best value the market has to offer without dropping our quality standards. Discounts and special offers given from time to time.
  • Our reputation is built on hardwork & dedication, and what our customers say about us. with over 50% of our business being repeat or referral we have been in business for over 10 years.
  • When you are a customer of Krypton Bikes you can expect the best service ever. With after-sales services provided at your doorsteps for your bike maintenance requirements.
  • Convenience of the the customer matters to us the most. our Staff are available when you need them open 7 days a week to cater to your needs.

why makes krypton bikes the best ?

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hero bicycles latest news

Mar 08 2022

Celebrate International women’s day with Krypton Bikes

Cycling is one of the most riveting activities you can indulge in to keep up your health. Since time immemorial, cycling has been a staple of regular exercise and...
Mar 08 2022

Why Cycle is Reviving as the New Age transportation in Post-Pandemic India?

You may call it an age-old mode of transportation, but interestingly in recent times, with the occurrence of COVID-19, Cycle seems to be a boon for people under the...
Mar 08 2022

A Memorable Valentine’s Day on Wheels!

International women’s day is a global day remembering and celebrating the social, political and cultural achievements of women throughout. It reflects on progress made...
Mar 10 2023

Women’s day Celebration: Ways and Ideas to have a Celebration

Being a woman is a blessing. Just looking at the powers a woman has from creating the world to putting life in it, making a piece of constructed hoses a home with her...
Mar 10 2023

Wish you all the Happy Shab-e-Barat

Some people mistake Shab-e-Barat festival as it is not a festival and Shia Mid-Sha'ban ceremony as they take place at the same time, but Shab-e-Barat's rituals and...
Mar 08 2022

Adventurous Bicycling experiences to be part of in life

It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive car or the world’s best bike, nothing will ever top the joy of riding a bicycle. At the exact moment when the soothing...
Mar 10 2023

Wish you a Happy Holi

Gulaal, pichkaari, sweets and celebration-Holi is one of the biggest festivals and one we all look forward to. Be it kids or the adults, everyone looks forward to the...
Mar 10 2023

Bicycle Challenge and Events in India

The Indian Army, the CRPF, including the J&K Police, provided security to all cyclists along the way. Twelve-year-old Tanmay, the youngest cyclist to complete the...
Mar 08 2022

Given a choice between a safe ride on a bicycle and a public transport, Which one will you choose?

Undeniably the pandemic has brought the humble cycle back to prevalence. The fear of using public transport for day-to-day commute has brought back the value a bicycle...
Mar 08 2022

Cycling Training Program for all: Enroll in the next level of fitness

To be fit and active you require to be physically athletic. Typical physical activity can conserve your body from acquiring any form of chronic diseases such as...





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