A Memorable Valentine’s Day on Wheels!
March 8, 2022

International women’s day is a global day remembering and celebrating the social, political and cultural achievements of women throughout. It reflects on progress made by women all throughout and demands gender equality in a still dominated by patriarchy world. For over more than a century, International Women’s Day has been able to put the spotlight onto issues affecting women all over the world. Today, International Women’s Day belongs and is celebrated by everyone who believes that women’s rights are human rights.

Every year should be celebrated as international women’s day, elimination even a slightest essence of discrimination against them. However, to honor and promote gender equality, March 8 is celebrated as international women’s day every year. It is the day to acknowledge women’s courage of breaking the rigid stereotypes and coming out as strong and powerful women.

To observe this day and celebrate women, we do have a surprise for you. Celebrate this auspicious occasion in honor of women by getting yourself a new cycle from krypton bikes today. You can also get one for yourself or for women in your life.

Krypton bikes is the largest multi brand bicycle store in whole of south India. We are known to deliver satisfactory customer service to our customers with our products and services. We offer a wide range of bicycles made with high quality of products at affordable rates. We also offer bicycle accessories such as bells, tyres and tubes, helmets, etc. We maintain comfort and durability of our products along with merging them with the latest styles and trends.

In orthodox societies, the role of women is still limited to household chores only. However, this needs to change as women deserve to be treated equally as men. The world is moving forward towards gender equality. At a lot of places, it is observed men are provided with far more advantaged than women in all aspects of life, be it education, respect, job availability, freedom and every other possible field of life. Bring a change in this tradition by crossing all boundaries on your wheels. Get your cycle form krypton bikes today!

Celebrating women is a sense of obligation in everyone’s life. In most countries, the day has been observed as a national holiday. Women all across the nation come together hand in hand, crossing all the boundaries from various cultural and ethnic groups to remember their struggle for peace, equality and justice. This day is all about feeling self-worth and achieving their goals and dreams. It is the day to encourage women to gather the courage to stand for themselves and for each other against every act of oppression and discrimination they have faced and fight for justice. They are encouraged to cross all hurdles in life for tremendous development. We at krypton bikes cannot wait to deliver you your dream bicycle and help you cross all your hurdles on it.

Krypton bikes has brought you an amazing opportunity to be the early bird and get the latest bicycles for women on this occasion of international women’s day. Time to strap down your helmet, get on your favorite bike and move towards your dreams on it!

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