Wish you all the Happy Shab-e-Barat

Wish you all the Happy Shab-e-Barat

Some people mistake Shab-e-Barat festival as it is not a festival and Shia Mid-Sha’ban ceremony as they take place at the same time, but Shab-e-Barat’s rituals and styles differ from region to region, while Mid-Sha’ban is celebrated the same everywhere. The observance of Barat involves a festive nightlong vigil with prayers. In most regions, it is a night when one’s deceased ancestors are commemorated.

Shab-e-Barat is considered a major event in South East Asia, in which Muslims collectively worship and ask for forgiveness of their wrongdoings. It is believed to reward them with fortune for the whole year and cleanse them of their sins. In many regions, it is also a night when prayers are offered to forgive one’s deceased ancestors. Additionally, Twelver Shia Muslims commemorate the birthday of Muhammad al-Mahdi. Salafi adherents oppose the recognition of Mid-Sha’ban as exceptional for prayer. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq and Imam Muhammad al-Baqir used to perform special prayers in this night. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims recognise this night to be as the Night of Forgiveness. Muslims observe Mid-Sha’ban as a night of worship and salvation. Scholars like Imam Shafii, Imam Nawawi, Imam Ghazzali, and Imam Suyuti have declared praying acceptable on the night of mid-Shaban

Wish you a Happy Holi

Wish you a Happy Holi

Gulaal, pichkaari, sweets and celebration-Holi is one of the biggest festivals and one we all look forward to. Be it kids or the adults, everyone looks forward to the Holi festivity-the festival of colours. Considered to be the second biggest festival after Diwali, this year, the festival will be celebrated on March 10, which is a Tuesday.

Women’s day Celebration: Ways and Ideas to have a Celebration

Women’s day Celebration: Ways and Ideas to have a Celebration

Being a woman is a blessing. Just looking at the powers a woman has from creating the world to putting life in it, making a piece of constructed hoses a home with her tenderness and love and to make her children ready for the harsh truth of the world but with utmost care at all times. Now that we have a lot of great minds in the race of humankind, it has been made possible for women to feel liberated and at equal stake as men. It is time that we have to thank them for their crucial
contribution to the society and in our homes. On e such tradition that has been carried out in all cultures irrespective of beliefs and customs is the celebration of international women’s day. It is celebrated on 8th March every year to give a voice to the struggles of being a female with a narrow-minded surrounding, to celebrate the beauty that is seen in all sizes and shades and with or without the flaws to it and the celebration of economical and social and other achievements of

To celebrate it with all the women in your life no matter what their age is, here are a few ideas that will justify the hard work of these heroes.

1. Hosting a celebration party

If you work in the corporate world you probably have a good number of women that you know. Plan a party or a night out to
celebrate the victory of years. You can host a traditional one in a similar way all are done by having some food and a few drinks accompanied by games and lots of talks. Another thing that can be done is to host a dinner or a brunch together. If you are wanting to do it with all the family women you have, go ahead with a dinner party as that is easy and cost-effective.if you want to have a smaller celebration at your home, considering three things is a must. They are food, activities and the right kind of music.if you have these three things figured out well beforehand, the party or the celebration is likely to go well and people will like the idea as well. Starting a campaign to increase awareness about the womanism and how evolved this creation of god become by working hard and making its own place in the communities.

2. Movie marathon

As friendly as it sounds is what it is. Time has come that all you should take your day off from the responsibilities and behave like high school girls yet again. You can watch movies at your place as well by setting up the homemade theatre accompanied by some popcorns and drinks. You can also order cake online in Dehradun. No one will judge you if you cry for Nemo’s loss this time.

3. Glamping

New thing to here about I feel. Take some of your friends that are female as this is all about them, and plan a distant location away from your daily lives to camp for a day or two. Other activities that can be done are bonfire and a typical beach-like party in the country style. Post picture s of your fun day and let people be amazed by this new way of having fun. let your vibes be infectious in a healthy way!

4. Road trip

Because it has been on that bucket list for decades. Look for easy to reach destinations if you do not want to travel for a long time. Pan out the places to check out and your rooms to be sure in advance.

5. Music night by the roadside

Not in your place or any market areas but away from the hustle and close to you. Many people have been doing this and we, looking at them feel awestruck at the good times of their lives. All you need to do is make a playlist of your jams and dance to the tunes along with all your friends and a couple of drinks. if you are a mother of teenagers, they will love how cool their mom actually is and if you a single, you need to experience this.

6. Staycation

Indeed the best and cheap way to feel like traveling. It basically means that you do all the stuff like you would do in another unknown city, but in your place or city. That means you don’t actually travel to a new place but check out your city or state itself. the best thing is your knowledge of the place and the pricings already exists. To make it more adventurous, spend the nights in a posh hotel room with all your friends to enjoy their lavish services and use your day time to check out new food places and cafes and entertainment facilities.

7. In-home and gossip

We all agree on how much women love to talk about random things and gossip with others. How about doing it on women’s day with some snacks and drinks and maybe dinner later? Call up all your girlfriends and try this out. Soon it will become a norm to you.

8. Night out/day out

Of course! For the sake of being happy everyone should have a night out at least of not a day out. Look at how good your place looks when there is nobody around and how lovely life in general looks without unnecessary people lingering in and creating drama. If there are any clubs or if you feel like the nightlife is yet to discover, you have a plan here.

9. Award ceremony for all the characters

they have in your life and what they are in general. You can legit get a trophy with titles of your choice and present
them to all the girls in the house.

10. Attend a women’s networking event

Or host one yourself and get to know all the great personalities. it is a good way to make new friends especially if you
have something great to tell or listen to. For people who want to do this on their own, hosting an event where you create awareness about a sensitive topic that women fell should be raised before the world and let the people express their valuable thoughts over this. There are thousands of such events that occur in the United States and it is a norm to them.

11. Donate something to a charity or the needy

Is it not worth it when you are capable of proving comfort to someone on their bad days and you should use those
resources as a blessing? You can donate clothes, money, food, or any other necessary item like medicines and personal hygiene things. Let us make it about everyone and not a gender-specific day or nation.

Bicycle Challenge and Events in India

Bicycle Challenge and Events in India

The Indian Army, the CRPF, including the J&K Police, provided security to all cyclists along the way. Twelve-year-old Tanmay, the youngest cyclist to complete the 300-km trail, was the centre of attraction for the event, impressing everyone with his cycling prowess. He had also participated in the 250-km ride to the Hussaini Wala border, Ferozepur. Kashmir Cyclothon which was flagged-off by the Chief Secretary at Srinagar early morning reached Shopian while traversing through the villages and towns of the district.

Given a choice between a safe ride on a bicycle and a public transport, Which one will you choose?

Given a choice between a safe ride on a bicycle and a public transport, Which one will you choose?

Undeniably the pandemic has brought the humble cycle back to prevalence. The fear of using public transport for day-to-day commute has brought back the value a bicycle deserves. Every state in the country is witnessing this changing trend.

While Bangalore is seeing exponential growth in cycle sales, other metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata are all seeing this upswing giving way to a whole new definition of man’s one of the earliest creations. Across cities, several of them are preferring cycles over any other mode of transport whether it is for running daily errands, or to go to work, or for exercising.

And it’s not just for the fear of using public transport, but the cycle is gaining momentum because of its health benefits as well. With the governments halving the capacity of buses and metros and strict adherence to social distancing norms, people are left with very few choices. The ones who can afford private vehicles are taking their own transport but the ones who rely only on public transport are left with only one best option and that is the bicycle.

The bicycle stores are coming back to life again and showrooms are seeing record business in the last couple of months which is expected to rise severalfold.

Although the normal road bikes are the ones which are peaking the sales other bikes like multi-gear and mountain bikes are also in demand. People from all walks of life be it IT professionals, teachers, doctors, bank employees are all opting for this safer and healthier mode of commute. No matter which model it is all cycle prototypes are seeing rocket high sales. And many of the stores are struggling to meet the demands as the stocks are replenishing.

As our lifestyles change for the better, the only thing left to do is to make the roads safer for the bike riders. Hopefully, the government bodies will pay attention to people’s heed for introducing bike routes. If that comes into effect like many other countries, India is sure to move in the direction of achieving an unpolluted, clean and pure atmosphere free of vehicles that make our lives miserable with traffic jams, when we have such an amazing option right in front of us and that too at a very affordable price. No one can deny that this is the best gift that we can give our future generations to come, a healthy and safe place to live.

Why Cycle is Reviving as the New Age transportation in Post-Pandemic India?

Why Cycle is Reviving as the New Age transportation in Post-Pandemic India?

You may call it an age-old mode of transportation, but interestingly in recent times, with the occurrence of COVID-19, Cycle seems to be a boon for people under the heavy lockdown since March 2020 in India. The sales of bicycles in India last year have crossed 18 million. Since the emergence of the pandemic, the CORONA virus has thumped upon the world. People faced the hardest time even while going to bring basic amenities like stationery, medicines, and essential goods. When the government imposed heavy lockdown all over the country, maximum time’s one menace raised in everyone’s mind, how would they go out?

For the past few decades, we have seen people riding bicycles mostly from underprivileged and deprived communities. To our surprise, this Pandemic has changed the dynamic. India has seen how people from a privileged, rich background, from all strata of society, are going back to the simple art of living.

Top cycle manufacturer companies in India documented their last year’s experience on how they didn’t know that they have to fulfill a sudden arising demand in the cycle industry, as initially, they didn’t expect an astounding surge in demand. After a few months, the struggle settled in. In fact, in the past few months, people are more inclined to buy bicycles online than to visit stores.

The Emerging cycle groups in India

Post–lockdown, when gyms and swimming pools were shutting down, people yet again understood the importance of these delicate two-wheelers, when it becomes an exemplary alternative to core gymming sessions. The boon of daily pedal movement is that it even makes your heart smile along with a plethora of medically proven health benefits.

As per emerging cycling groups, they formed cycling events, cycling marathons all across cities including metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bengaluru as it has become a ‘fitness mantra’ for many. On the contrary, it is an underlying fact that the biggest problem of any third world country like India is during Pandemic they faced mass-hunger because of lack of availability of food items. These cycle groups successfully recorded their name and bagged righteous fame by delivering basic commodities to the needy, food mongers.

In reviving cycle industry, metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai played a pivotal role. Kolkata is known for its heavy traffic congestion, yet in the time of lockdown, many daily passengers relied only upon bicycles to hit the road. Bengaluru-based bicycle manufacturer companies have reported how they came across an upswing in demand. According to them, from 8 to 80 years old, everyone is riding a bicycle as they want to stay fit both physically & mentally.

Urban Cycling – a post-pandemic concept

With the advent of COVID-19, the concept of ‘urban cycling’ has been resurrected. Campaigning like pedal kart pedal choice is trending from thousands of Twitter handles to promote urban cycling in India. In a way, we have to acknowledge the fact how such orientation; campaigning, collective marketing strategy brings mobility in reviving the traditional bicycle as a path-breaking boon of today.